To get a better picture of the specific performance monitoring challenges faced by VMware users, we asked our audience in a recent VMware monitoring webinar “What is Your Biggest Performance Monitoring Challenge?” (Watch the webinar).

Here are the top-5 performance management challenges in VMware environments:

  1. Slow & complex problem diagnosis – 49%
  2. Lack of visibility across virtualized environment – 45%
  3. Proactive problem solving – 43%
  4. User experience issues – 38%
  5. Chasing issues that originate in other IT domains – 27%

The single biggest problem selected by our webinar audience is the inability to quickly and easily diagnose performance issues. The toughest performance problems appear to be the ones where users call and complain that “my application is slow”.  IT administrators and operations staff often struggle to quickly diagnose the root-cause of the problem and restore service levels: Is it the application server? The virtualization layer? Is it the network? Database? Storage …?

Today’s challenge is to go beyond a hypervisor-centric view and basic virtualisation metrics provided by tools like VCops, to manage the complex, dynamic, multi-application virtualized infrastructures that host mission critical applications like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

Watch our on-demand webinar “Taking VMware Performance Monitoring Beyond VCOPS – 7 Steps for Virtualization Success” with performance management expert Srinivas Ramanthan (CEO, eG Innovations) and find out how to:

  • Better manage and troubleshoot complex, multi-hypervisor environments (VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, RHEV, etc)
  • Deliver robust performance assurance and user satisfaction
  • Monitor configuration changes and their performance impact
  • Get deep and correlated performance visibility beyond your virtualised environment
  • Provide automatic, rapid root cause diagnosis for even the most complex performance problems
  • Receive proactive problem detection and alerting before users call

Enjoy the webinar !

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