Unified Citrix Management in the Limelight

This week, Citrix made several interesting announcements about the future of their product suite. Among the key announcements was the forthcoming Excalibur release which will include a common management console for their XenApp and XenDesktop technologies. While Excalibur will provide users flexibility to decide how to deliver different applications and desktops to users, it will also include a common console for performance management as well. A unified solution for performance management, diagnosis and reporting across XenApp and XenDesktop deployments is something eG Innovations has been providing for years with our eG Enterprise product suite. We will be watching the Excalibur rollout with interest, to see how the integration of the Citrix products works and what changes are necessary in the management and reporting aspects to deal with the integrated solution.

Of the different articles written about the new Citrix announcements, this one from Computerworld caught the eye. Of particular interest is the quote from IDG:

Getting the management right is incredibly important for Citrix, according to Nathan Hill, research director at Gartner. “The complexity of managing Citrix environments has historically been a big challenge for organizations.,” said Hill.

We at eG Innovations totally agree! Check out our Citrix performance management solutions:

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