Virtual Desktops Are Coming …

Virtual desktops are coming – thats for sure. Many many folks i met over the last few weeks have either deployed a pilot or are in the process of doing so. Last year, we were seeing more VDI deployments in Europe than in the US. Surely, the US is now waking up to the advantages of VDI.

I’ve heard many interesting use cases of VDI recently. One organization was moving to VDI because they would have more control over employee laptops. They were having issues because executives who they fired last year had cleaned out their laptops before they gave them back! The most common use case is the requirement to have the same look and feel and access rights no matter where you login from.

Citrix with their XenDesktop connection broker seem to have their noses ahead in the connection broker stakes relative to VMware. Certainly, the ICA protocol and its efficiencies help. Plus all the years of experience supporting remote access via published desktop and applications certainly helps them. One of our customers also commented on the quality of support – they had a near perfect pilot with XenDesktop. Interestingly, we have also seen many deployments where the virtual desktops are supported by the XenDesktop connection broker but are hosted on VMware vSphere as the virtualization platform. VDI is turning out to be a truly multi-vendor, multi-platform, heterogeneous infrastructure.

End-to-end visibility, diagnosis, reporting, … all the usual challenges will come up very soon in the VDI lifecycle, and we at eG Innovations are well positioned to address the opportunities in this space.