vSphere 5 – Licensing Changes and Enhancements

Last week featured the big announcement regarding vSphere 5 and VMware’s cloud offerings. A lot of discussion has been prompted by VMware’s new vRAM-based licensing model. One of the better articles on the new vSphere licensing can be found here – https://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9218443/Opinion_What_you_need_to_know_about_vSphere_5_s_new_pricing_model.

Also of interest is Brian Madden’s analysis of how VMware’s new licensing model works for virtual desktop deployments. Given that VDI involves desktops with higher memory to CPU ratio, there are significant cost implications for VDI deployment on vSphere 5. See this article on how vSphere 5 costing stacks relative to vSphere 4.

Brian has also done an extensive comparison of VMware’s “vSphere Desktop” licensing model vs. the conventional vSphere licensing model here.

At eG Innovations, we have been working with vSphere 5 as part of VMware’s beta program and eG Enterprise v 5 is fully capable of monitoring vCenter 5 and vSphere 5.