eG-Innovations-Citrix-Monitoring-ChecklistNumerous components as well as diverse back-end application elements and user-specific items comprise today’s complex Citrix infrastructures and all can affect the user experience. At any given time, one or more of these components may fail or experience an issue and service organizations spend a significant amount of time and effort diving into each of the various components in order to properly address and resolve problems.

Download this white paper to get a comprehensive checklist of monitoring-related criteria that should be considered as part of due diligence by enterprises and service providers to effectively manage performance of their complex Citrix infrastructures. Jo Harder, Application and Desktop Virtualization Analyst, details the checklist for importance-level and vendor consideration, broken out into the following categories:

  • Monitoring of all Datacenter Components
  • Monitoring of User Experience
  • Monitoring of Citrix Key Performance Indicators
  • Administration and Reporting
  • Monitoring System Functionality
  • Vendor Support and Product Development

An indispensable resource for IT departments monitoring Citrix infrastructures.

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