Troubleshooting the Installation of the .NET Profiler

The profiler installation will fail under the following circumstances:

  • The presence of multiple profiler GUIDs in the registry because of dirty installations of older profilers;
  • Issues when accessing the Registry key;

The errors that the batch file will throw in each of the above situations and how to resolve such errors has been discussed below:

  1. The presence of multiple profiler GUIDs in the registry because of dirty installations of older profilers

    In this case, the following message will pop up when running the SetupDotNetProfiler.bat file:

    There is another profiler found in registry




    Setup will then prompt you to confirm whether you want to proceed with the installation or not.

    Do you wish to continue setup <yes/no> : yes

    If you specify yes here, then setup will try to overwrite the GUID presently registered with the COR_PROFILER registry key with the GUID of the eG Enterprise profiler. If the GUID is overwritten successfully, then a message to that effect will appear.


    RegValues are modified Successfully ***


    However, sometimes, if multiple GUIDs are registered with the COR_PROFILER registry key, then setup may not be able to update the GUID. This can happen, if previously, many profiler installation attempts failed on the host or if many profilers were not installed / uninstalled properly. In this case, setup will automatically terminate with the following error message:

    Multiple COR_PROFILER entries found in the Registry

    Aborting the Setup


  2. Issue when accessing the registry key

    If setup is unable to access the COR_PROFILER registry key to write the eG profiler's GUID into it, the following error message will appear. Setup will automatically abort soon after.

    ERROR in Accessing the Registry Key : 0x5

    Setup Aborted

    This can happen if setup is run by a user without local administrator privileges. In this case therefore, you will have to run setup again as a local administrator to ensure that it is successful.