2X server is an application that provides vendor independent desktops and applications. Accessible from anywhere, the 2X server allows you to publish full desktops and applications within a thin client or virtual environment, improving desktop manageability, security and performance.

The basic component of the 2X server is the LoadBalancer. This component is made up of two sub components; the Publishing Agent Service and the 2X Management Console. The Publishing Agent provides load balanced applications and desktop publishing services to clients. 2X Management Console is the GUI through which all configuration and management is performed.

The second component is the 2X Terminal Server Agent, which is typically installed on each Terminal server in the environment. The Terminal Server Agent’s job is to collect resource availability information from the Terminal Services and then report that information to the LoadBalancer. That way, the Application Server can always use the available Terminal Server resources efficiently.

The final component is the 2X Client Gateway. The 2X Client Gateway’s job is to tunnel all of the traffic related to hosted applications over a single, secure port.

Clients connect to a 2x Client Gateway, which routes the request to the Publishing Agent. This Publishing Agent responds to the client request with the Terminal server that the client can use. The client then connects to the Terminal server either directly or via the Client Gateway to access the published applications or desktops (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 : Components of the 2X server architeture

Quick and easy access to desktops, stable user sessions, and hassle-free use of published applications all make for a 'good user experience' with the 2X server. On the contrary, delayed access to desktops combined with application slow-downs can be the key spoilers of a user's experience with the 2X server. More frustrating to administrators is the fact that many times, the cause of such anomalies cannot be pinpointed, making recovery difficult. While standard monitoring solutions are available, most do not provide the critical in-depth analysis that administrators need, with many failing to provide comprehensive data into the network, storage, virtualization and application levels. Administrators thus far have been pressured to discover the reasons behind network performance failures, unable to pinpoint the problem to the network, profile server, Web access, virtualization platform or other components.

To meet the high standards of network administrators, eG 2X Monitoring provides total performance visibility for 2X installations of all types. As part of the eG Enterprise, eG 2X Monitoring is a comprehensive management solution for 2X farms, providing complete visibility and monitoring for all layers and tiers of the organization’s 2X infrastructure, including the 2X Terminal server, the publishing agent, client gateway, network, storage and more.

Towards this end, eG Enterprise offers three specialized monitoring models - namely, the 2X Terminal Server model, the 2X Publishing Agent model, and the 2X Client Gateway model - that focus on the overall performance and problems related to the 2X Terminal server, the publishing agent, and the client gateway components, respectively.