Monitoring the 2X Publishing Agent

The Publishing Agent provides load balanced applications and desktop publishing services to clients. Whenever a client requests for a desktop/application, the 2X Client Gateway routes the request to the Publishing Agent, which responds to the client request with the Terminal server that the client can use. This means that the non-availability of or delays in the operations of the Publishing Agent can adversely impact the user experience with the 2X server.

The 2X Publishing Agent monitoring model that eG Enterprise offers is quick to report intermittent/prolonged breaks in the availability of the 2X Client Gateway, and resource contentions that could be affecting a Terminal server's performance.

Figure 1 : Layer model of the 2X Publishing Agent

Using the measures reported by the tests mapped to each layer of Figure 1 above, administrators can find quick and accurate answers to the following performance queries:

  • Is any Terminal server consuming too much CPU and memory?
  • Is any 2X Client Gateway unavailable currently?
  • Is any 2X Client Gateway unresponsive to connection requests?
  • Are all Windows services critical to the functioning of the Publishing Agent up and running?
  • Is any application process on the 2X Publishing Agent consuming resources excessively?
  • Is the Publishing Agent available over the network, or has any drop in network connectivity been noticed?