The CoreBuilder 3500 Layer 3 high-function switch is a modular, standalone networking device that supports high-performance Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and FDDI interfaces. These CoreBuilder switches not only provide physical connectivity to server components in an IT environment, but also serve as entry points for accessing mission-critical services.

If these switches fail, the business-critical services might become inaccessible to end-users, thus causing the business to lose revenue and reputation. By periodically monitoring these switches for faults, and by proactively resolving the issues that surface, administrators can ensure that users receive continued connectivity to the services of interest. The eG Enterprise provides exclusive monitoring model for monitoring the availability, data transmission and bandwidth usage of the switches.

How eG Enterprise Monitors 3Com CoreBuilder Switch?

  • The eG Enterprise system monitors the CoreBuilder switch using SNMP.
  • The CoreBuilder switches are managed manually using the eG administrative interface.