A10 Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) are devices that are typically set in front of a web farm within a datacenter. ADCs can off-load common repetitive tasks that are usually performed by web servers, lowering costs while simultaneously increasing speed and improving efficiency.

A10 ADCs can also be thought of as the evolution of server load balancers. ADCs offer advanced features such as content manipulation, Layer 7 health monitoring, and content acceleration.

A10 ADCs provide the ability to direct Internet users to the best performing, most accessible servers. Should one of the servers (or applications on that server) become inaccessible due to any type of failure, the ADC will take that server or application off-line, while automatically re-routing users to other functioning servers. This process is essentially seamless to the user, and critical to servicing the customer.

Since application delivery delays, inefficiencies, and failures can cause prolonged service outages and cost an enterprise money and reputation, the continuous operation and good health of the ADC is of great importance. Therefore, it is imperative that the Delivery Controller should be continuously monitored to avert such eventualities. This is where eG Enterprise helps administrators!