What is APC Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS)?

APC Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is a device which has two AC input power cords and these two power cords receive power supply from two different power sources. Through these power cords, the ATS device supplies power to all its connected equipments such as lights, motors, computers, etc..

When one source of power supply fails or is unavailable, then this ATS device will automatically switch the control of power supply to the other source, ensuring consistent power supply to all its connected equipments.

Why Monitor APC Automatic Transfer Switch?

The input power to the ATS device is through two power cords. Also, the output power from this device is supplied to various equipments. This means that a consistent and continuous flow of power into and out of the switch is essential to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the switch and the hardware connected to it. A sudden power surge, if not captured promptly, can damage the device and also the connected equipments. To avoid such issues, the performance of the APC Automatic Transfer Switch has to be monitored 24 *7. eG Enterprise provides out-of-the-box monitoring support to APC ATS. Using eG Enterprise, you can monitor the power supply, voltage and overload factors of APC ATS, capture performance issues promptly, and resolve the issues before any permanent damage is done to the switch or the devices relying on it.