Finding AWS region

Follow the steps below to find out the AWS region for Amazon MSK.

  • Open the AWS console at

  • Login with the registered user credentials in the login page (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1 : AWS Login page

  • In the Console Home page, click the Services tab (see Figure 2).

    Figure 2 : Services tab in console home page

  • Select the "View All Services" sub menu option in "All Services" menu (see Figure 3).

    Figure 3 : View all services option

  • In the All Services page, click the MSK option under Analytics Category (see Figure 4).

    Figure 4 : MSK option under Analytics Category

  • In the Amazon MSK console page, the AWS Region is found in the top right corner near the user’s email ID (see Figure 5).

    Figure 5 : Finding AWS region for Amazon MSK