What is ActiveMQ Server?

ActiveServer MQ, also known as ActiveMQ ,is an open-source message broker software that facilitates communication between distributed applications. It implements the Java Message Service (JMS) API, which is a messaging standard for Java applications, making it suitable for building scalable and robust messaging systems. ActiveMQ allows applications to send and receive messages asynchronously, enabling decoupled communication between different components of a software system.

Key features of ActiveMQ include:

  • High Availability: It offers features for creating highly available and fault-tolerant messaging systems, including failover and clustering.

  • Messaging Patterns: ActiveMQ supports various messaging patterns, such as publish-subscribe and point-to-point, making it versatile for different communication scenarios.

  • Message Transformation: ActiveMQ can transform messages between different formats, allowing systems with varying data structures to communicate effectively.

  • Interoperability: While it's primarily associated with Java, ActiveMQ provides support for various messaging protocols, including MQTT, STOMP, and WebSocket, making it suitable.

  • Persistence: Messages can be persisted to a storage mechanism (like a database) to ensure data durability.