Agentless Monitoring

To support environments where administrators may not be interested in deploying agents on every server, eG Enterprise offers an agentless monitoring option. A remote data collector - called the Remote Agent - can be deployed on a central server and using agentless interfaces (such as SNMP, NetBios/Perfmon, Secure Shell, etc.), the remote agent can collect statistics on a number of servers/applications without needing agents to be installed on each and every server. Details of the agentless monitoring approach and the tradeoffs in using agentless monitoring as compared to agent-based monitoring are explained in Agentless Monitoring.


Typically, the remote agent should be installed and configured on the same operating system and locale as that of the servers that are monitored by that agent. In multi-lingual environments therefore, you would require a remote agent for every locale that is in use - for instance, in environments with servers that support both French and Japanese locales, you would require an exclusive remote agent for the French servers and another for the Japanese servers.