Auto-management of Discovered Components

eG Enterprise can automatically manage discovered components, provided those components are of types that have been specifically chosen for auto-management. However, the auto-management capability of the eG manager is disabled by default. To enable auto-management, do the following:

  1. Login to the eG admin interface.
  2. Follow the Infrastructure -> Discover menu sequence.
  3. Select the Auto manage option under the Settings sub-node of the Discovery node in the DISCOVERY tree-structure in the left panel.
  4. Figure 1 will then appear. To enable auto-management of discovered components, set the Auto-manage discovered components? flag to Yes.

    Figure 1 : Configuring auto-management

  5. Selecting Yes automatically invokes the Include/Exclude Host IP/Name field, where you can indicate which components you want to be auto-managed upon discovery, and which ones need not be. To auto-manage only specific components, select Include from the drop-down list, and specify a comma-separated list of IP addresses/host names that you want auto-managed – e.g., egora,sqlserver,xenapp. IP/host name patterns can also be provided using wildcard characters – for e.g., 192.168.10.*,192.168.*.121,*.168.9.*. In these cases, only the configured components or those that match the configured patterns will be auto-managed upon discovery; all other discovered components will have to be manually managed.

    Likewise, to auto-manage all discovered components, except a few specific components, select the Exclude option from the drop-down, and provide a comma-separated list of IP/host names that need not be auto-managed. Here again, IP/host name patterns can also be provided.

  6. If the Auto-manage discovered components? flag is set to Yes, then, by default, the components of the component types listed in the Component Types to be automatically managed section would be managed automatically. If you do not wish to automatically manage the components of a particular component type listed under the Component Types to be automatically managed section, click on the icon available at the top right end of the section.
  7. Figure 2 will then appear. Select a Category from Figure 2. All component types under the chosen Category that have been selected for auto management will be listed in the Selected component types list of Figure 2.

    Figure 2 : Choosing a component type for auto management

  8. To include one/more components to be auto managed, just select the component types from the Available component types list and click the < button. This will transfer your selection to the Selected component types list as depicted by Figure 3. Then, click the Apply button.

    Figure 3 : Component types chosen for auto management