Enable Auto-Correction for Windows Services Test

The default script for WindowsServices test executes when the service that the eG agent has been configured to monitor, stops. Upon execution, the script starts the service. To enable the auto-correction capability of the WindowsServices test, do the following:

  1. When configuring the Windows Services test, you will find a correct parameter that is set to No by default (see Figure 1).


    Figure 1 : Enabling auto-correction for the Windows Services Test

  2. To enable auto-correction, set the correct parameter to Yes and pick an alarmtype to indicate when the script execution should begin (see Figure 1).
  3. The default script for Windows Services test takes no parameters. Therefore, specify “none” against userparams (see Figure 1).
  4. The correctivescript text box can also contain none, so that the default script is automatically associated with the test (see Figure 1).
  5. Finally, click the Update button (see Figure 1).
  6. Once this is done, then the default corrective script associated with the Service availability measure of the Windows Services test will execute whenever the state of the measure changes to generate an alarm of the alarmtype chosen. For instance, if the alarmtype chosen is Critical, then the corrective script will execute whenever the state of the Service availability measure changes from Normal to Critical, Major to Critical, or Minor to Critical.