During times when an IT infrastructure is under maintenance, it is but natural that few/all of the monitored components are rendered unavailable. This in turn, could cause the monitoring tool to generate a plethora of alarms indicating a “non-existent” problem situation.

Similarly, some administrators might want network-related alerts to be suppressed during the non-working hours of a company, as such alerts are inevitable during that time of the day. Likewise, if administrators are deliberately bringing the web server process down for a brief period, they might consider insignificant the alerts pertaining to the Processes test on the web server during that period.

In order to prevent the meaningless generation of alarms during routine maintenance activities, eG Enterprise allows administrators to:

  • Define maintenance policies based on the periodicity of the maintenance procedures performed on the environment
  • Group the defined policies
  • Associate the groups with components/hosts/tests in the target environment

These features enable administrators to switch off eG alarms for specific components/tests during maintenance periods.