Managing Components Using eG Admin Interface

The flowchart below explains the basic steps for managing components using the eG administrative interface.


Figure 9 : The Manage/Unmanage flow chart

Step 1: Start Discovery.

Step 2: Check if all the components are automatically discovered. If the components are not automatically discovered, then change the IP range/ Alter port, and run discovery again.

Step 3: Now manage the discovered components. The Discovered components have to be explicitly managed for the eG agents to monitor them.

Step 4: If the components are still not discovered, then manually add the components to the eG Enterprise system.

Step 5: Try to sign out of the eG administrative interface.

Step 6: The unconfigured test window appears. Now, configure the tests manually.

Step 7: Every test takes certain input parameters for execution; these parameters vary according to the purpose of the test and may typically indicate:

  • How often the test is to be executed;
  • On which host should the test run;
  • What should be monitored – for eg., a test that checks the availability of TCP ports on a host will take a list of TCP ports to check for as a parameter;
  • Credentials required (if any) for accessing the target host or for running certain commands built-into the test, and MORE.

Step 8: Finally, signout of the eG administrative interface.