Managing User Roles and Permissions

In large enterprises, the management may not want to grant unrestricted administrative/monitoring access to all users in the environment – hence, such environments may not allow just about any user to login using the default ‘admin’ and ‘supermonitor’ logins; they may want a user’s access rights to be aligned with his/her organizational responsibilities; and some may want each user to be able to view the status of only those components that have been specifically provisioned for them;

The User management helps the administrator to add, modify, and delete the user roles/domains/users.

The User Management tile of the Admin tile menu enables an Admin user to perform the following:

  • Add, delete and modify new user roles
  • Adding/Modifying/Deleting a Domain
  • Add a new user
  • Delete an existing user
  • Change the profile for any other user
  • Add/modify/delete a domain
  • Release locked accounts
  • Change the password of the administrator
  • View different reports corresponding to the users