Quick Alerts

eG Enterprise brings problems to the attention of administrators via multiple modes such as the eG monitoring console, emails, SMS, and SNMP traps. The latest addition to this list is the optional, Quick Alerts. The Quick Alerts mechanism introduced by eG Enterprise, saves administrators who might be making configuration changes using the eG admin interface or say, scheduling the delivery of reports using the eG Reporter, the time and trouble involved in switching to the eG monitoring console, everytime he/she needs a quick update on the problems affecting the infrastructure. This feature helps administrators track problems continuously by displaying the number and details of current alarms when the quickalerts icon at the right, top corner of the eG management console is clicked.


Figure 1 : Quick Alerts

The quick alerts window that appears (see Figure 1) groups alarms by priority and displays the count and details of alarms of each priority. Clicking on an alarm here will lead the user to the layer model of the problem component, which will reveal the exact layer that is affected by the problem, the test that reported the problem, and the problematic measure.

This way, a user can receive instant updates on performance issues and can even drill down to ascertain the exact nature of the issue, regardless of which eG module he is logged into currently.


The quick alerts window will display the alarms pertaining to only those components that have been assigned to the user (who is currently logged into eG) for monitoring.