Security Architecture of eG Enterprise

Security is a perpetual concern for enterprise applications. eG Enterprise is no exception. This is why, the eG agent and the manager have been engineered in such a way that they are inherently protected against abuse / malicious attacks.

Moreover, because security threats for web applications are always on the rise, enhanced security features are constantly been introduced into eG Enterprise to ward off these threats. Two-factor authentication, Single Sign-on, audit logging, account lockout etc., are some of these features. By enabling these features, you can activate additional layers of security for the eG Enterprise system. Also, with the help of these capabilities, you can ensure that best practices for enforcing security are followed, regardless of where eG Enterprise is deployed - whether within an organization or in a SaaS environment.

This topic delineates some of the key aspects of the security architecture of the eG agent and manager. Additionally, the topic also sheds light on those security features of eG Enterprise, which when enabled, further harden eG Enterprise against unauthorized accesses, cyber attacks, and security vulnerabilities.