Viewing Details of Logged In Users

In environments where the eG management console is accessed by multiple concurrent users, administrators might want to know how many users are logged in currently, and the total session load on the eG manager. This information would enable administrators to audit user accesses to the eG manager and instantly identify unauthorized accesses (if any) that are currently active on the manager. The user SESSION INFORMATION page (see Figure 1) that appears upon selecting the Logged In Users option from the Reports menu of the User Management tile, provides the information that will help administrators analyze currently active user sessions on the eG manager. This page lists the total number of active sessions and the number of 'distinct' users who are currently using the eG management console. Besides, the page also provides details of every active user session; these details include the HOST IP from which a user is logging in, the name of the user, the role assigned to the user, the time of login, and the last accessed time. To refresh this list so that the latest session details are available to the administrators, click on the Refresh button.


Figure 1 : Viewing session information