What is Alcatel Lucent Switch?

Alcatel Lucent Network switches are highly dependable and scalable network switches to connect a wide range of devices across varied infrastructures and network environments. These switches can be effectively used for small businesses, campuses to highly specialized and performance-focused industrial networks.

Figure 1 : The IT deployment model with the Alcatel-Lucent Switch

The latest generation of hardened Ethernet Alcatel-Lucent switches offers a wide variety of ruggedized switches including advanced Layer 3 switches with VPN capabilities. These switches are designed to deliver high performance for deployment in intelligent transportation, traffic control systems, power and other utilities, smart cities, video surveillance, and other tough outdoor installations. The switches run on a widely deployed and field-proven Alcatel-Lucent Operating System (AOS) that offers reliability, performance, easy management, and advanced system and network resilience features. These ruggedized switches are easy to deploy and offer out-of-the-box plug and play, zero-touch provisioning, network automation, and disaster recovery options. Simplified installation and service provisioning ensures fast, scalable, and cost implementation.

Alcatel-Lucent switches are designed for high availability and provide various hardware and software-based availability features that help prevent loss of data flow in the unlikely event of subsystem failure. Additionally, some availability features allow maintenance and replacement of hardware components without powering off the switch, thus ensuring uninterrupted switch operations even during maintenance.