Monitoring the Alcatel Switch

eG Enterprise provides a specialized Alcatel Switch model to keep track of the internal health and external availability of the Alcatel switch.


Figure 1 : Layer model of the Alcatel Switch

This model connects to the SNMP MIB of the switch to collect a wide variety of metrics revealing the following:

  • How is the I/O activity on the switch devices? Is it unusually high on any device?
  • Do the switch devices use CPU and memory optimally, or is any device using these resources excessively?
  • Have the chassis and the chassis management module (CMM) registered unusually high temperatures?
  • Are the switch modules using the I/O, CPU, and memory resources available to it effectively? Is any module consuming resources excessively?
  • Is any port on the switch unavailable currently?
  • Is any port utilizing the CPU, I/O, or memory resources excessively?