Monitoring the Amazon Connect

eG Enterprise offers a special-purpose monitoring model for the Amazon Connect to monitor the status and overall performance of the target Amazon Connect.

Figure 1 depicts the layer model of an Amazon Connect.

Figure 1 : Layer model for Amazon Connect

Every layer in the Figure 1 is mapped to various tests to determine the critical statistics related to the performance of the target Amazon Connect. Using the metrics reported by the tests, administrators can find accurate answers for the following performance queries:

  • Is the Amazon Connect Instance Offline?

  • Whether/not inbound and outbound calls are enabled in the target instance?

  • Where exactly the performance of the contact center is suffering - is it due to too many agents in error state? or is due to too many agents being non-productive? or is it due to too many contacts contacting the contact center? or is it due to unavailability of slots?

  • How well the contacts are handled by the agents? Are the number of abandoned and missed contacts high? Is the time contact spend in queue and abandon time is too high? Is the number of contacts disconnected by the agents high?

  • Is there any anomalous behavior detected in Amazon connect Instance? If so, is that due to high number of missed voice calls, throttled calls, error in uploading call recording due to lack of space in Amazon S3, or call failure due to misconfigured phone number, etc.?

Since the Network Layer has been elaborately discussed in Monitoring Unix and Windows Servers document, the sections to come will discuss the other layers in detail.