What is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud customer contact center service. Amazon Connect enables customer service representatives to respond to phone calls or chat inquiries from end customers just as if the contact center infrastructure was set up and managed on premises. Amazon Connect instances can be created across multiple availability zones and establish multiple paths to telecom providers for fault tolerance and high availability.

According to Amazon, the service can scale to accommodate tens of thousands of call center agents. AWS provides a telecommunication infrastructure for each company that uses the service. To access the service, users are required to have an Amazon Connect account or an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) account.

Amazon Connect enables you to create an omnichannel contact center: a contact center that provides a unified experience across multiple channels, such as voice, chat, and tasks.

  • You use the same routing profiles, queues, flows, metrics, and reports for all channels.

  • Managers monitor all channels from one dashboard.

  • Agents handle all customers from just one interface. If a customer interaction starts with chat and moves to voice, the agent handling the voice call has the complete chat transcript so context is preserved.

The following figure shows a high-level Amazon Connect contact center architecture. Amazon Connect provides a unified and seamless customer experience across multiple channels.

Figure 1 : Amazon Connect contact center architecture