Monitoring Ansible Tower

eG Enterprise offers a dedicated monitoring model for Ansible Tower that periodically monitors the objects such as organizations, inventories, teams, groups, hosts, credentials, etc., in the Tower and reveals the overview. This specialized monitoring model promptly reports the job failures and host failures and issues in the synchronization among the inventories/projects.

Figure 1 : Layer model of the Ansible Tower

Each layer of Figure 1 is mapped to tests that reveal the details of the inventories, projects, job health, etc. in the Tower environment. Using the metrics reported by these tests, administrators can find quick and accurate answers to certain persistent performance queries, such as the following:

  • How many projects and inventories are in the Tower?
  • Did any project/inventory syncing process fail in the Tower?
  • Is the last ran job on the Tower successfully completed?
  • Did the job that ran last in the Tower take more time to complete?
  • How many hosts/groups are associated with each job template?
  • Did any host/group failure occur while running any job template, if so, which job template?
  • How many forks are running in parallel when a job is executed?
  • How many hosts in the Tower are successfully performing the jobs ?

The four layers at the bottom of Figure 1 have been dealt with extensively in the Monitoring Unix and Windows Servers document. For the details on the Web Server layer, refer to the Monitoring Microsoft IIS Web Server document. The section that follows will discuss the Ansible Access and Ansible Access layers alone.