Why monitor Apache Ignite?

Apache Ignite is a memory based distributed caching and processing platform which can be used to cache, persist and process big data.It offers various features for Fast Data paradigm like In-memory distributed caching, high performance distributes computations, fault tolerant services, node auto discovery, map-reduce processing, etc. To support these features, Ignite provides components like DataGrid- Distributed Caches, Compute Grid- Distributed Processing, Service Grid- Distributed Services, etc.. Given that Apache Ignite is distributed system with lot of moving parts like cluster, caches, nodes, transactions etc. Any issue in one of the part can cause entire system performance to degrade or worse, can cause system failure. That's the reason it is important to monitor each and every component so as to identify issues and take proactive actions to solve the issues. Below are some of the key reasons for monitoring:

    • Optimize the storage requirements by looking at the usage patterns.
    • Monitoring the performance of cache including the speed and efficiency of query execution, data load performance, task and jobs execution performance. This includes any insights which help understand if cache is able to satisfy user requirements.
    • Monitor the transactions and ensure that business operations are successful.
    • Detect any misconfiguration and security threats and fix them in timely manner.