Monitoring Apache Web Server

Using the Apache web server (see Figure 1) monitoring model, administrators can keep an eye on the overall health indicators such as the availability of the Apache web server, the data processing ability of the server, the data traffic handled by the server, etc., monitored. .

Figure 1 : Layer model of the Apache web server

Each of the layers depicted by Figure 1 is associated with a series of tests that report on key Apache-specific performance parameters, and answers the following performance-related queries: 

  • Is the web server available?
  • How frequently is the web server accessed?
  • Is CPU utilization of the web server optimal?
  • How is the traffic on the web server?
  • How well does the web server process requests? Are there any bottlenecks in processing?

The Hardware, Tcp, Network, Operating System, and Windows Service layers have been discussed in great detail in the Unix and Windows Servers monitoring model. The sections to come will discuss the Application Processes, Web Server, and Web Transactions layers alone.