Configuring JVM Monitoring for Windows in Apache Zeppelin

To collect JVM-related metrics, the eG agent connects to the Apache Zeppelin via JMX. By default, JMX support is not enabled on Apache Zeppelin. However, to enable the eG agent to use JMX, the JVM tests that the eG agent runs should be configured with a JMX Remote Port - this is the port at which the JMX listens for requests from remote hosts. You need to determine the correct JMX remote port to configure.

Determining the JMX Remote Port

JMX can be configured based on the availability of the port. For our assumption, the JMX is configured in port 9910. To enable JVM metrics for Apache Zeppelin component, first we need to specify the binary file location (for example:installation location\bin\zeppelin.cmd file) and then check whether/not the JMX port is configured.

By default, the command set JMX_PORT=9910 will exist in the binary file. If not, add the comment as shown below:

set JMX_PORT=9910
Djava.rmi.server.hostname= -Dzeppelin.log.file="%ZEPPELIN_LOGFILE%"

Then start the Zeppelin server by the adding the command as

bin\zeppelin.cmd start