Managing Apache Zookeeper

eG Enterprise employs a novel port-scanning technique to automatically discover the Apache Zookeeper server using a novel port-scanning technique. To auto-discover an Apache Zookeeper server that listens on its default port (2181) and to manage that discovered server, do the following:

  1. Login to the eG admin interface.

  2. Follow the Infrastructure -> Discovery menu sequence.

  3. In the DISCOVERY tree that you will see in the page that appears next, follow the node sequence, Discovery -> Manager Discovery -> Settings -> General.

  4. A MANAGER DISCOVERY - GENERAL SETTINGS page will then appear in the right panel (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1 : Triggering Apache Zookeeper server auto-discovery

  5. Against IP range in Figure 1, specify the IP range that includes the Apache Zookeeper server to be auto-discovered. Then, click the Update button to start discovery.

  6. Figure 2 will then appear, where you can track the progress of the discovery process. As and when components are auto-discovered, the Component type list in Figure 2 will get automatically populated with the component types of the servers that are auto-discovered. Once eG Enterprise discovers the Apache Zookeeper server, you will find the component type Apache Zookeeper displayed in the Component type list. Select that type. The Unmanaged components list box will then display the Apache Zookeeper server that is auto-discovered.

    Figure 2 : Viewing the auto-discovered Apache Zookeeper server

  7. Select the discovered Apache Zookeeper server from the Unmanaged components list and click the < button to manage it. Doing so will shift the selection to the Managed components list (see Figure 3).

    Figure 3 : Managing the discovered Apache Zookeeper server

  8. Finally, click the Update button.

If for some reason the Apache Zookeeper server is not automatically discovered, you can manually add the server to eG Enterprise. For this, do the following:

  1. Follow the Components -> Add/Modify menu sequence in the Infrastructure tile of the Admin menu.
  2. Next, select Apache Zookeeper from the Component type drop-down and then click the Add New Component button.
  3. When Figure 4 appears, provide the Host IP/Name of the Apache Zookeeper server that you want to manage.

    Figure 4 : Adding an Apache Zookeeper

  4. Then, provide a Nick name for the component.
  5. If you are monitoring the target Apache Zookeeper in an agent-based manner, just pick an external agent from the External agents list box and click the Add button to add the component for monitoring.