Why Monitor Apache Zookeeper?

If the clients are unable to connect to the Apache Zookeeper or if the throughput of the clients increase manifold or if the Apache Zookeeper takes too long to respond to requests from the clients, the purpose of using the Apache Zookeeper to maintain shared data will be defeated! To avoid such inconsistencies and to ensure that the Apache Zookeeper is able to cater to all the clients connecting to the Zookeeper ensemble, it is essential to monitor the Apache Zookeeper server round the clock. eG Enterprise offers a dedicated monitoring model for this purpose.

This model alerts administrators to real and potential issues in the overall performance of the Apache Zookeeper by highlighting the following:

  • The status and resource utilization of the Apache Zookeeper and

  • Errors logged in the log file, the current size and growth of the log file;

  • Throughput of each client connecting to the Apache Zookeeper

This way, eG Enterprise ensures smooth functioning of the Apache Zookeeper and also helps in timely resolution of issues identified with respect to throughput of the clients and errors in the logs. This systematic approach paves way for peak performance of the Apache Zookeeper at all times.