How to Monitor Atlantis ILIO Using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise is capable of monitoring the Atlantis ILIO using both agent based and agentless approaches. In order to monitor the Atlantis ILIO, a set of pre-requisites should be fulfilled to make the eG agent to communicate with the Atlantis ILIO and collect its performance metrics. The requirements are given below:

  • In the agent based manner, the eG agent communicates with the Atlantis ILIO via SSH and collects the necessary performance metrics.
  • In order to collect the required performance metrics from the Atlantis ILIO, the eG agent communicates with the Atlantis ILIO with the privileges of a user who is able to connect to the Atlantis ILIO via SSH.

Once the above requirements are kept in place, then proceed to manage the Atlantis ILIO component for monitoring. The procedure to achieve the same is discussed in Managing the Atlantis ILIO topic.