Atlantis ILIO is a 100% storage optimization solution for desktop virtualization solutions, such as Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View. Atlantis ILIO deploys as a dedicated VM on each host, presenting what appears to be a conventional datastore that all the VMs on that host use. This makes Atlantis ILIO deployment transparent, preserving administrative processes and procedures that may already be in place. During runtime, all IO is processed by the Atlantis ILIO VM first, then written to primary storage. The storage optimization technologies used include content-aware IO optimization, in-line deduplication, wire-speed compression, and real-time write coalescing. Desktop and server deployments that require the recovery of persistent data also use ILIO Fast Replication to maintain a recoverable copy of each VM on shared external storage without impacting performance. Figure 1 explains the arichtecture of the Atlantis ILIO server in detail.


Figure 1 : The architecture of the Atlantis ILIO

As IO enters the Atlantis ILIO VM, it follows a straightforward optimization process. Traffic is first analyzed to reduce the amount of IO, then it is deduplicated and compressed before being written to server RAM. Any IO that will be written to external storage (outside of RAM) also undergoes write coalescing before it is written. All of this occurs at wire-speeds without impacting Atlantis ILIO’s ability to service IO at server RAM speeds.

Atlantis ILIO is a 100% software solution that deploys automatically and transparently without requiring any changes to existing desktop images or administrative processes or procedures. With support for all major virtual desktop platforms, it offers a solution that is broadly applicable across different hypervisors, storage, deployment types and industries. With the deployment of the Atlantis ILIO, storage optimization is achieved effortlessly in large VDI environments. The main advantage of deploying the Atlantis ILIO in the target environment is that the virtual desktops load faster and data access by the virtual desktops is quicker when compared to the conventional method of individual data allocation for each virtual desktops. In large environments where Atlantis ILIO is deployed, if the virtual desktops take too much of time to load or if the processing time of the Atlantis ILIO is high, the very purpose of deploying the Atlantis ILIO is void! To avoid such situations, monitoring the Atlantis ILIO becomes imperative. This is where eG Enterprise helps administrators!