Monitoring Atlantis ILIO

eG Enterprise provides a specialized Atlantis ILIO monitoring model (see Figure 1), which monitors the Atlantis ILIO in the target environment and proactively alerts the administrators to potential performance degradation of the server so that the administrators can resolve the issues well before any space contention in the target environment.

Figure 1 : The layer model of the Atlantis  ILIO

Using the metrics reported , administrators can find quick and accurate answers for the following performance questions:

  • Has the disk utilization of the target environment decreased after deploying the Atlantis ILIO? How much disk space is saved with the use of the Atlantis ILIO in the target environment?
  • Has the load on the backend storage reduced considerably? How well the Atlantis ILIO responds to requests?
  • How well the disk space of the NFS datastore is utilized?
  • How well the NFS datastore caters to the requests from the applications that are in front of the Atlantis ILIO?
  • How well the Atlantis ILIO offloads the reads/write requests?
  • Is the I/O activity on the read cache of the NFS datastore consistent?
  • How many threads are utilized by the NFS datastore and are there adequate number of threads for utilization?

The Operating System, Network, TCP and Application Processes layer of the Atlantis ILIO model is similar to that of a Windows Generic server model. Since these tests have been dealt with in the Monitoring Windows and Unix Servers document, the section to come focuses on the ILIO layer.