The ILIO Layer

This layer provides the administrators with a detailed insight on the performance of the Atlantis ILIO by reporting the following:

  • The comparative measures of the disk utilization with/without the Atlantis ILIO server, the total capacity saved in the target environment with the use of Atlantis ILIO server etc,
  • The I/O activity on the backend storage and the time taken by the Atlantis ILIO server to respond to requests;
  • The disk space utilized by the NFS datastore;
  • The read/write offloads by the Atlantis ILIO;
  • The I/O activity on the NFS datastore;
  • The NFS thread utilization of the Atlantis ILIO;etc.

Figure 1 : The tests mapped to the ILIO layer

Let us discuss each test of this layer (see Figure 1) in the forthcoming sections.

Click on the test names in the Figure 1 to know about how to configure the tests and the metrics that are reported by each test.