Determining the Success/Failure of a Command

The eG CLI indicates the success/failure of a command by returning a message to that effect. While the successful execution of a command is indicated by a message that begins with the string "Result :", when a command fails, an error message is returned, which typically begins with the string "Error :". This Error message also briefly describes the reason for the failure of the command.

For instance, if a component addition completes successfully, the eG CLI will return the following message:

Result : Component added successfully.

Similarly, if a component could not be added owing to some reason, the CLI will return a message of this type:

Error : The host/nick name you are trying to add already exists.Please use another host/nick name.


Typically, the eG CLI displays the success/failure messages in the default language of the eG manager with which it connects. However, since the CLI logs into the eG manager as an Admin user, the language preference set by this user in his/her profile (in the eG web interface) will automatically override the default language setting of the manager; this implies that all messages returned by the CLI will be in the preferred language of the Admin user.