Enabling / Disabling Tests

Task Command Example

Enabling Tests

eGCLI EnableTests -managerid <Manager ID> -componenttype

<Component Type> [-testtype <Performance / Configuration>] -tests <Comma-Separated List of Test names>

eGCLI EnableTests -managerid mgr51 -componenttype AGate –testtype Performance –tests HandlesUsage,MemoryDetails


eGCLI EnableTests -managerid mgr51 -componenttype Oracle Database -testtype Configuration -tests Drives,Environment Entries


Disabling Tests

eGCLI DisableTests -managerid <Manager ID> -componenttype

<Component Type> [-testtype <Performance / Configuration>]
-tests < Comma-Separated List of Test names>

eGCLI DisableTests -managerid mgr51 -componenttype Oracle Database -testtype Performance -tests Memory Details,Oracle User Connections

eGCLI DisableTests -managerid m51 -componenttype AGate -testtype ConfigurationTest -tests Drives,Software



  • The test type syntax is case-insensitive and therefore the syntax can be represented as either Performance / PerformanceTest / performance / performancetest or Configuration / ConfigurationTest / configuration / configurationtest.
  • The default test type is Performance.