Performing Operations in Bulk Using eG REST API

One of the key benefits of the eG REST API is that, administrators are allowed to process commands in bulk, thus allowing to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without logging into the eG console - for instance, you can add multiple components at one shot using the eG REST API. This saves administrators the time and trouble involved in performing redundant tasks.

To execute commands in bulk, the eG REST API requires a CSV file that contains the details of the operations to be performed. This file (CSV) should be created on the eG Manager on which the operations are to be performed.

Once the file is created, invoke the relevant eG REST API command from the REST Client by providing the manager ID and the full path to the CSV file. The command will then read the instructions defined in the CSV file and then execute them on the specified manager to perform the operation.


To ensure that the CSV file supports multi-byte component names and agent nick names, ensure that you save the CSV file in the UTF-8 mode.

The sections below discuss how the CSV file can be used for performing multiple administrative operations on an eG manager.