Retrieving Daily Trend Data

Using the eG REST API, administrators can retrieve the trend data of a chosen test/measure combination for a chosen timeperiod of one/more days/weeks. The table below specifies the URL and the parameters that should be used to retrieve the measures of the tests.

URL: http://<eG manager IP:port>/api/eg/analytics/getDailyTrend

Method: POST

Content-Type: application/json

Inputs to be Specified
Parameters Key values Example


managerurl: Base URL of the eG Manager i.e., http://<IP address of the eG console:Port>

user: eG username or domain/eG username

pwd: Base64 encoded password


"test":"System Details",

"measure":"CPU utilization",

"timeline":"1 day"





"test":"Test name",

"measure:":"Measure name",

"timeline":"time period specified in days/weeks i.e., 1 to 7 days or 1 to 4 weeks. Default is 1 day"




"componentName":"Hostname of the component:Port:SID",

"info":"descriptor of the test"




Success Response
Type Code Content





"componentName": "CTXCONNECTSRV2",

"test": "System Details",

"measure": "CPU utilization",

"measureUnit": "%",

"info": "Processor_0_1",

"timePeriod": "Jan 17, 2023 00:00:00 to Jan 18, 2023 00:00:00",

"data": [


"max": "-",

"measurementTime": "Jan 17, 2023 00:00:00",

"min": "-",

"avg": "-"










Failure Response
Type Code Content



{"code": 401,"error": "Invalid username or password"}



You may receive one of the following responses:

{"code": 400,"error": "Bad Request. Header parameters : Username or Password or Manager URL is missing"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": "Bad Request. Header parameters : Manager URL, Username or Password is not provided"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": "Unable to connect manager. Please verify manager URL and make sure that eG manager is running"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": "Bad Request. Please refer eG REST API documentation and add required parameters for this API"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": "Component not associated with the user"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": Please provide valid test name"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": "Bad Request. Test is not associated for given Component"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": "Bad Request. Please provide valid input data"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": "Please provide valid measure name"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": "Please provide valid timeline"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": "Invalid Timeline. Please refer eG REST API documentation for this API"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": "Timeline range is 1 to 30 days. Please provide valid timeline"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": "Invalid Timeline. Provide a space between value and unit in Timeline"} (or)

{"code": 400,"error": "Timeline range is 1 to 4 weeks. Please provide valid timeline"} (or)


500 Server Error

{"code": 500,"error": " Server Error. Please check REST API parameter values and also check /manager/logs/error_log or managererr.log in the eG manager installation directory for more information."}

Figure 1 : Retrieving trend data of a chosen measureon a chosen day using Postman REST Client

Retrieving Daily Trend Data using cURL

To retrieve daily trend data of a test using cURL, the command should be specified in the following format:

curl -L -X POST "http://<eG Manager IP:Port>/api/eg/analytics/getDailyTrend" -H "user:<eG username or domain/eG username>" -H "pwd:Base64 encoded password" -H "managerurl:http://<eG Manager IP:Port>" -H"Content-Type:application/json" --data-raw "{\"test\":\"Test name\",\"measure\":\"measure name\",\"timeline\":\"time duration in days/weeks\"}"

Figure 2 shows an example to retrieve the trend data for a chosen measure for a time period of a day using cURL.

Figure 2 : An example cURL command to retrieve the daily trend data for a measure

Figure 3 shows a sample output that retrieves the daily trend data for a chosen measure of a chosen test reported by eG Enterprise using cURL.

Figure 3 : Sample output with the daily trend data for a chosen measure of a chosen test