How Does eG Enterprise Monitor AVD Host Pools?

eG Enterprise performs agent-based monitoring of an AVD host pool. This requires that an eG agent be deployed on each session host - i.e., each Windows 10 VM/virtual desktop - in the AVD host pool to be monitored.

There are many ways by which you can install eG agents on AVD session hosts. Here are a few approaches:

  • Using the eG agent installable: You can download the eG agent installable from the eG manager to every session host, and run the installable to deploy the eG agent;

  • Using the eG agent installation script in the command line: You can copy the eG agent installation script from the eG manager and paste it in the command line of any orchestration tool in use in your environment. The tool will automatically push the eG agent to target session hosts.

  • Using an Azure golden image: You can create a golden image on Azure, and then bundle the eG agent into the golden image. Every session host you create using that golden image will automatically have the eG agent installed on it.

  • Using the  Nerdio Manager: Where the Nerdio Manager pre-exists, administrators may want to leverage the automation capabilities of that software to perform routine monitoring tasks such as installing eG agents on AVD session hosts. To facilitate this, eG Enterprise integrates with the Nerdio Manager. Administrators can now use Nerdio's admin portal to quickly install agents on all session hosts in an AVD host pool or on specific session hosts. No operational expertise or elaborate scripts are required to achieve this. To know how to use the Nerdio manager to install eG agents on session hosts, follow the procedure detailed in How to Use the Nerdio Manager to Install eG Agents on AVD Session Hosts?

This eG agent then periodically runs powershell cmdlets on the target VMs to report on its performance and measure user experience with the VMs.