How to Monitor BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) Using eG Enterprise ?

eG Enterprise monitors the BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) using an external agent  on any Windows host in the environment. This agent is capable of monitoring the performance of the target APM in the following ways:

  • By polling the SNMP MIB of the target APM;
  • By connecting to the APM via SSH and running CLI commands;

To enable the eG agent to use the aforesaid methodologies, a set of pre-requisites should be fulfilled. These requirements have been discussed in the following section.

Pre-requisites for Monitoring the BIG-IP APM

To enable the eG external agent to collect performance metrics from the target APM, the following pre-requisites should be fulfilled:

  1. The target APM should be SNMP-enabled.
  2. The eG agent should be able to access the target APM over the network.
  3. To run the Session by Access Profile, Citrix Sessions, F5 Users and Other F5 Sessions tests, the eG agent should be able to communicate with the target APM via SSH. For this purpose, specify the SSH port (default port: 22) and credentials of a SSH user who has admin privileges on the target APM while adding a BIG-IP APM component for monitoring. This user should be able to execute the CLI command i.e. sessiondumb, on the target APM to run the tests and poll the performance metrics. To know how to configure the above-said details, refer to Managing BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) topic.
  4. Also, ensure that the SSH port remains open on the firewall (if any) between the agent and the target APM.