What is CAM Payment System?

CAM is a software solution developed by Schumann that offers digitization and automation of all processes in credit risk management. Schumann develops software that helps to optimize the management of credit risks at industrial and wholesale companies, leasing and factoring businesses as well as credit insurers and providers of surety bonds. CAM gives you access to a wide range of modules according to your needs. Among them the following are monitored using eG Enterprise:

Company Credit Rating: This helps to get a comprehensive picture of the financial strength of your business partners, right from the beginning and continuously during the business relationship. With CAM, you can perform credit assessments on companies conveniently and automatically.

Credit Limit Checking: Deciding on credit limits is a balancing act. Credit managers want to secure business and support the turnover targets of the company at the same time. CAM automates credit limit checking processes and facilitates decision-making.

Dunning and Debt Collection: Customer loyalty can and must also succeed while securing incoming payments. With CAM, you can respond to your defaulting customers in a highly personalized way, ensuring incoming payments.