Check Point Smart-1 appliances deliver cyber security management for the era of big data. Five Smart-1 Appliances enable organizations to consolidate security policy, log, and event management. Organizations can leverage Smart-1 Appliances to manage from 5 to 5000 gateways, segment the network into 200 independent domains, and detect threats in real-time. Smart-1 appliances offer the scalability to meet your needs today and in the future.

In order to keep your network safe and secure from malicious threats and attacks, it is imperative to operate the Check Point Smart-1 appliance continuously without any glitch. Any issue in the configuration, state, or resource usage of the appliance can bring its operations to a halt, leaving your network and all mission-critical applications operating within defenceless against malicious threats and unscrupulous users! It is hence important that the performance of the Check Point Smart-1 appliance is monitored 24x7. This what exactly the eG Enterprise does.