Monitoring the Check Point Smart-1 Appliance

eG Enterprise provides a specialized Check Point Smart Appliance monitoring model (see Figure 1) that enables administrators to keep an eye on the accesses to the protected environment and judge whether the smart appliance is capable in preventing unauthorized accesses.

layer model

Figure 1 : The layer model of a CheckPoint Smart Appliance

Every layer of Figure 1 is mapped to a variety of tests which reports a host of metrics using which administrators can easily find quick and accurate answers to the following performance questions:

  • What is the space utilization of each disk?
  • What is the speed of each fan? Is the sensor of each fan out of range?
  • Are the Power supply units up/down?
  • What is the current voltage of each hardware element? Is the sensor of the hardware elements out of range?
  • What is the current temperature of each hardware unit? Is the sensor of each hardware unit out of range?
  • How well the CPU is utilized by the Check Point Smart-1 appliance? How much of CPU is utilized for system processes and user processes?
  • What is the current memory utilization of the Check Point Smart-1 appliance?
  • How well data and packets are processed by each virtual system of the CheckPoint Smart Appliance? How much of data/packets are dropped?

The Network layer of the Check Point Smart-1 appliance model is similar to that of a Windows Generic server model. The tests mapped to the Network layer have been discussed in the Unix and Windows Servers monitoring model.