Monitoring the Cisco ASA

eG Enterprise provides the Cisco ASA monitoring model.To continuously monitor the Cisco ASA device and promptly alert administrators to issues in its performance,


Figure 1 : The Cisco ASA layer model

Using the metrics reported by this model, you can answer the following questions quickly and accurately:

  • Is any memory pool consuming memory excessively?
  • Is the device utilizing its CPU resources optimally? When during the last 5 minutes did the CPU usage peak - during the last 1 second or the last 1 minute?
  • What are the types of hardware that support the firewall unit of the device? What is the current state of each hardware type?
  • Are too many remote access sessions active on the device? How many users are connected to the device via these sessions?
  • Is the device overloaded with sessions? How many of these sessions are currently inactive? Can they be closed?
  • Were too many packets dropped by the IPsec Phase-1 IKE global and secondary tunnels? When was packet drop the maximum - when the tunnels were receiving data or transmitting data?