What is Cisco ASR Router?

Cisco ASR Routers are used primarily for edge routing for enterprise networks and service providers. Edge Routers are the specialized routers located at network boundary that enables an internal network to connect to the external networks. This router typically sends/receives data to/from the organization networks using either static or dynamic routing capabilities.

The Cisco ASR Router aggregates multiple WAN connections and network services including encryption and traffic management and forward across WAN connections at line speeds from 2.5 to 200 Gbps. They are ideal for high bandwidth applications, such as streaming audio or video, or video conferencing. These routers can all handle upto 100G ethernet.

Why Monitor Cisco ASR Router?

Cisco ASR Router is widely used in various on-premises, where multi-tenancy and seamless access to resources are key parameters when user satisfaction is measured. In such infrastructures, if the Cisco ASR Router is congested due to unexpected incoming and outgoing traffic or if the router crashes too frequently or is consuming excessive physical resources, the performance and delivery of the business-critical applications across the infrastructure are sure to be badly hit! For a seamless flow of traffic without congestion, optimal physical resource utilization and improved user experience, the administrators should continuously monitor the Cisco ASR Router. For this purpose, eG Enterprise offers a dedicated Cisco ASR Router monitoring model.