Why monitor Cisco Intersight?

Cisco Intersight is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) hybrid cloud operations platform that delivers intelligent automation, observability, operations, and optimization to customers for traditional, cloud-native, and hybrid IT infrastructure and resources. It makes it easy for IT Admins to manage diverse set of platforms, tools and resources from a single console. Given the diverse nature of assets under management, the estate can get increasingly complex making it impossible to manage manually. To ensure Cisco Intersight is working properly and managing the infrastructure effectively, it is absolutely important to monitor it and ensure that it is keeping track of every resource under its management. The primary objectives of monitoring are listed below:

  • Optimization of utility of each resource under management.

  • Ensuring that each of the managed component is present and available for use when expected.

  • Monitoring the usage of resources and highlighting if any of the managed resource is showing any signs of errors.

  • Ensuring that state of infrastructure is as expected, for example adequate number of nodes are online, enough memory is available, network interfaces are up, network speed is optimal etc.

  • Detect any misconfiguration and security threats and fix them in timely manner.