Why Monitor Cisco SD-WAN?

Though today's enterprise infrastructure is supported by WANs, they often experience issues due to the high volume of traffic. Organizations that leverage MPLS and other networking solutions may encounter service outages, traffic congestion and packet loss. Cisco SD-WAN addresses these problems seamlessly. Ultimately, end users will not even know if their network uses Cisco SD-WAN because their applications and services will simply work as intended. The ability of Cisco SD-WAN to dynamically route traffic through a hybrid network means that WAN traffic is reduced overall, and network agility increases.

Owing to these capabilities, the Cisco SD-WAN appliance is widely used in various on-premises and cloud infrastructures, where multi-tenancy and seamless access to resources are key parameters when user satisfaction is measured. In such infrastructures, if the Cisco SD-WAN appliance is congested due to unexpected incoming and outgoing traffic or if the appliance crashes too frequently or is consuming excessing physical resources the performance and delivery of the business-critical applications across the infrastructure are sure to be badly hit! For a seamless flow of traffic without congestion, optimal physical resource utilization and improved user experience, it is therefore necessary for the administrators to continuously monitor the Cisco SD-WAN appliance. For this purpose, eG Enterprise offers a dedicated Cisco SD-WAN monitoring model.