Why monitor Cisco Unified Communication Manager?

Cisco Unified Communication Manager is an IP-based communication system that handles voice and video calls and allows you to contact your coworkers or customers through audio or video regardless of physical location. The primary function of Cisco Unified Communication Manager is call processing and phone registration. Hence, any registration failures of gatekeepers, gateways, gateway trunks, phones or voice mails with the Call manager can lead to call routing issues, inability to establish call setup request, and call quality degradations. This inturn can cause call terminations, poor audio quality, delayed or no dialer tone,etc. Therefore, to avoid such critcal situations, Cisco Unified Communication Manager must be monitored periodically. For this purpose, eG Enterprise offers a specialized Cisco Unified Communication Manager monitoring model.

This monitoring model helps administrators to be proactively alerted to critical performance issues of the appliance, and thereby identify and resolve these setbacks before the end user experience is adversely affected.